Carson Kressley Fashionable Travels: Sayulita, Mexico



Hello stylish travellers! Carson Kressley here "reporting" from the chic shores of Sayulita, Mexico. Now it may not sound as chic as Cabo or St. Barths, depending on which coast you are jetting in from, and it’s not.

But trust me, dear reader, it is FABULOUS in its own right!

So if you have not been here, let me give you the skinny. Sayulita is a tiny fishing and surfing town about 30 minutes north of the Puerto Vallarta airport. As you travel from Puerto Vallarta, you will wind up into the hills, cross the state border into Nayarit, and enter the very low key, chill and charming little village. I imagine Carson Kressley with friends in Sayulita, Mexico it is what some of the more well-known beach resorts of the Mexican west coast must have been like 20 or 30 years ago when I was just getting into my first pair of Calvins!

Don’t get me wrong, the town has plenty for well-heeled tourists to enjoy. There are some lovely restaurants (Don Pedros is the best in my book), a very chic store or two (in a Boho, surfer chic, runway model-on-vacation sort of way). My favorite is Pachamama which has the most divine and chic handmade leather hobo bags and black pearl jewelry. The shopping here is not East Hampton, Boosios or Saint Tropez by any means. It's all about the hunt for some truly cool under-the-radar ethnic and Bohemian fashion finds.

But the best part of Sayulita is the relaxation factor. The beach with some major surf runs the entire length of the town. It’s pristine and great for walking and people watching. Did I mention the hot surfers with absolutely no body fat?

For me, after some beachcombing, shopping and yummy food, it’s always dreamy to return to our villa, perched just steps from the surf, that we rented with 6 other friends I know from the world of showing horses. I have to mention here that our horsey selves could not resist the cliche ride on the beach (that's a couple of us pictured above). And thank goodness we did. Our guides broughtCarson Kressley  seven trusty steeds to our beach gate and then, after mounting, we headed down the beach, through the jungly forest and up to the top of a local promontory with a view of endless beaches and the cobalt blue Pacific stretching out.

Renting a villa is really the way to go in these types of towns. You can enjoy some shopping or a meal out, and then return to paradise behind the gates of your gleaming white villa by the sea. We had maid service and a marvelous chef that prepared two meals a day with the freshest of ingredients purchased at the local market. Our villa at Villa del Oso had five large, luxurious and comfortable guest rooms, a pool, direct beach access, gardens and a gourmet kitchen. What I loved most about it is that the stunning taste of its owners shined through the home. I felt as if I was living in an Elle Decor spread, not some bland rental unit.

The location, fabulous and warm staff, and beautiful decor--including endless slip covered sofas, miles of travertine marble flooring and exquisite bedding--make for a truly chic and relaxing experience that is ultimately very comfortable.

                                                                                                       --Carson Kressley

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