Carson Kressley's Flying Fashions



How do you travel in style? No one knows better than Carson Kressey, the fashion designer and TV star (Queer Eye for the Straight Guy). For air travel, Carson feels it’s important to dress Carson Kressleycomfortably, but…also, look a tad bit chic. Here he shares his secrets with Farewell Travels.

Dress for success.

People seem to think that travel time is like the Twilight Zone, believing that what they wear doesn’t matter until they get back to the real world. Well we have all heard that a well-dressed traveler gets better treatment on the plane and maybe even a better seat. I make a point to almost always look amazing when flying though I haven’t exactly heard the words, "I love your Gucci loafers. We'd better get you moved up to first class right away!" But looking good does make you feel better and more confident and I think that if you dress up just a bit you will feel better about sitting in the back of the airbus.

Avoid wearing jeans.

Although they are the uniform for most of our non-working lives, denim doesn’t really stretch or breathe enough to be comfortable on a long flight. A pair of slacks with some--note I said "some"--spandex will wrinkle less, stretch and be quite comfortable on a long journey.

Stick with dark colors.

Dark colors hide inevitable travel stains from spilled Starbucks drinks to greasy smudges from suitcase wheels.

Layering is essential.

You may be travelling from a cold to hot climate or may just be suffering from the schizophrenic temperature changes on the actual plane. For men, a crisp white T-shirt or collared shirt with a lightweight sweater--cashmere is the best--will do the trick. For ladies, I recommend taking a silk blend wrap, some sort of pashmina. This can look chic and hide wrinkled clothes when "de-planing", which I don’t think is even a word, but flight attendants seem to think it is. The wrap can also be used as a blanket when the cabin gets a bit nippy. I NEVER use those paper thin, DNA-encrusted, air conditioner filters the airlines call "blankets". A cashmere sweater rolled into a ball makes a nice pillow too.

Choose the right accents.

An easy way to dress up that comfy, layered look I spoke of earlier is with the right accessories. We're talking shoes and bags here people (even I don’t wear a belt anymore to the airport; it’s just too annoying taking it off and on for the TSA). So let’s talk shoes.

They need to be chic, neutral and comfortable. Anything that slips on and off easily is much better than something complicated. A nice loafer or driving shoe in patent leather or suede is always nice. These work for the ladies and the gents. For carry-on bags, buy the most attractive, quality bag you can afford! Think of it like a purse you will have for many many seasons. You will be lugging this thing all over God's green earth so make sure you like to look at it and that it functions well.

--Carson Kressley


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