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Après-Ski Looks With Sex Appeal



Carson Kressley

Whether you’ve just spent the day going down the mountain on your butt or you’ve been flying down the blacks, it doesn’t take much to look like a champion off the slopes. Here our Fashionable Traveler columnist, Carson Kressley, tells us how to stand out amidst the après-ski crowd in a slopeside bar or lounge.


Men: It starts with your skiwear. Though it seems obvious, make sure it’s clean and well fitting. If you don’t ski that often, it’s tempting to pull something out of the closet you bought back in high school for the class ski trip. But…chances are, whatever it is, will be too tight. Or maybe you bought something a couple of years ago that’s too baggy now. Take time to try on everything before packing it. A good fit is critical.

Then there’s the color. I find black or white ski pieces work best because they don’t look dated as some of the patterns or neon colors can. And if you’re over 18 and snowboarding, avoid the temptation to wear a waistline down near your knees. Not a chic look at all.

apres ski fashions

Here’s the kicker though. In your ski locker, keep a great looking sweater to pop on (I think Ralph Lauren makes the best ones) along with some moisturizer, lip balm and a hair brush. When the lifts close, freshen up with those items and you will look like Prince Charming in a sea of hat hair!

Women: For the gals, it’s almost the same story as the men. You want to look fresh and pulled together when you hit the lodge. The basis of your look starts will great fitting ski wear, the sleeker the better. Now you may be tempted to head out and buy a splashy Pucci print ski outfit-- which happens to be really cute NOW--but don’t do it. Unless you ski or snowboard very often, you just won’t get enough use out of it to justify the cost. So be practical and choose great basics... black is best and you can update it each season with a faux fur scarf or a colorful scarf and new gloves.

In the lodge, with sleek black ski pants as your base, it’s easy to look very chic. A fab looking sweater (a cashmere turtleneck, a fun Fair Isle or even a Navajo number) instantly adds pizzazz. But of course, don’t forget accessories--a statement necklace, a great pair of sunglasses (or goggles) as headband or a killer scarf to add color to a wind-burned face will do just what the doctor ordered. Keep moisturizer, lip gloss and a hair tie (plus travel-size hair shine spray) in your bag to add the final finishing touches.

Take it from Carson, you'll look great!

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