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Suiting Up for the City



Carson Kressley

Deciding what to bring with you on your travels can be as challenging as deciding where to go. Whether you’re heading to the beach or the mountains, a casual weekend in the country or a “dressed to the nines” gala, you want to bring clothes that help you look your best.

To take the guesswork out of packing, Carson Kressley, our “Fashionable Traveler,” offers his ongoing tips on how to pack the bare essentials. As a former host of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Carson knows what he’s talking about.

In this column, here’s what he recommends for a weekend getaway in the city (any city).

MEN: You’ll need great jeans for bopping around the city during the day or to go club hopping at night. Throw in some T- shirts and a pair of black@NYC & Company/Julienne Schaer 2009 nylon shorts, for popping into a gym or a pool while in town. A pair of solid black sneakers will do double duty both for exercising and for the train, plane, or car you take en route.

Now add two crisp white shirts, a pair of great loafers and a fabulous, and I mean fabulous matching belt.

Absolutely essential is a blue or black blazer, and a blue or black knit tie. Yes knit, they don’t wrinkle, plus they are incredibly hip. And don’t leave home without a black or navy V-neck sweater. By packing these basics, you’ll be able to mix and match. Depending on whether it’s drinks with friends, or a hot date, you’ll be ready to hit the city streets.

WOMEN: As with men, basic black is the key to packing light. You’ll want a black dress, black leggings and a black sweater. Cardigans and oversized Donna Karan-ish sweaters work great. Now to stand out, you’ll need to add some color. A lively looking pashmina or oversized scarf can do the trick. So can some bold statement necklaces and earrings (don’t you just love jewelry?). Of course, your bag should also make a fashion statement. Inside your practical daytime bag store a smaller satin bag for evenings out. And don’t forget to pack some great jeans, some white or grey heater tees, and here’s the secret weapon: a gorgeous colorful and ideally reversible silk scarf. You can wear it as a belt, around your neck, in your hair, even on a bag. It’ll give you a multitude of looks.

Take it from Carson. You’ll be one chic lady.

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