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Ms. Behaving at Royal Ascot

Looking to find more luxury for a little less? You've come to the right place.

In addition to providing great tips on travel customs and etiquette (see links in sidebar), MS. BEHAVING shares her tips on traveling in style with an eye on savings along the way.

This month, her tips circle the globe!

NYC For Free

The Big Apple Greeter program connects visitors with real New Yorkers, who volunteer to show you their neighborhood for an insider’s view, for free. Seventeen cities worldwide--including Canada and Australia--have similar programs worth a look; you’ll find the list on the Big Apple Greeter website.


Couture Clothes Swap

At, members offer their closet couture in a carefully-edited travel to dubaiand monitored barter system. A Chanel jacket for $5? If someone has snagged your original Halston, for instance, you’ve got the points to play.

Off-season Savings

So what if it’s rainy season in Bangkok? Travel experts know that “shoulder season”-- autumn for summer resorts, spring for ski areas, monsoon season in Asia or India, etc. – are the best value. Often airfare and hotels--at even the most exclusive venues--are 30-50% less expensive than “high” season… which leaves more money for shopping.

A Weekend in Dubai

Upscale big-city hotels and resorts in the Middle East--and just about everywhere else--charge guests more on weekdays than weekends, because weekdays are when big-bucks business travelers congregate. As an incentive to keep rooms filled, many hostelries have value-added weekend packages that include upgrades, breakfast and special amenities thrown in. Investigate!



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