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Ms. Behaving at Royal Ascot

MS. BEHAVING loves vacations, whatever the season. And with leisure comes even new quandaries. To wit:

A READER WRITES: When I’m at a resort that has a library, there are often books left by previous guests for others to read. Is it necessary to leave one of mine to take one of theirs?

MS. BEHAVING REPLIES: How wonderful that people are still reading books in their original form! It is fine to take a book in this circumstance, but it is even more noble to leave one in kind. In today’s Kindle World, the lovely custom of leaving a book for others is much reduced, so the idea to replace it with another real book becomes more important. If you don’t have a book to leave, try to read the book while you’re there and then put it back on the shelf. Ms. Behaving believes we should all support books – at home or on the road!


A READER WRITES: We’re going to the Opera in Vienna and want to enjoy a cocktail between acts. Any way to avoid the bar lines that we’re sure to encounter? There’s nothing worse than getting your drink and immediately hearing the gong that says it’s time to take your seat …

MS.BEHAVING REPLIES: One of Ms. Behaving’s favorite things to do is to enjoy an entre’acte beverage! And you will enjoy yours in Vienna if you do the following: before the performance, find the bar on your floor, order a drink for intermission (or two if there are two intermissions), pay for it and you will receive a number in return. When intermission comes, you will walk into the bar, locate your already-poured drinks which will be in their numbered places … then you will be free to leisurely sip and swan through the gilded ambiance of one of the world’s most beautiful venues.


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