Extreme Pack Rats



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Ms. Behaving at Royal Ascot

MS. BEHAVING loves to travel light – a few diamonds, a black dress, Louboutins. And that’s to go camping! But packing is always fraught with peril. To wit:

A READER WRITES: For a long weekend to Bermuda, I’m taking a small bag but my companion insists on a suitcase as big as the island. What a – literal – drag!

MS. BEHAVING REPLIES: You didn’t mention all that time waiting for her to choose from all those outfits … when you could actually be enjoying your destination. Ms. Behaving believes that those who carry their entire household miss the point of travel. Perhaps going away brings angst, insecurity, fashion terror? It shouldn’t be your problem. Set some rules before you go: 1) You will not help her with her bags, no matter how heavy. 2) Offer kindly to help her plan what she – and you – will need, telling her what you’re taking for starters, then go over the itinerary to see what is really needed. Good luck!


A READER WRITES: My husband insists on packing too light! For a week away he takes hardly anything and washes out socks and underwear in the sink. He is proud of his “travel expertise.” I say he looks like a bum.

MS. BEHAVING REPLIES: One does not travel to do laundry. Extreme frugality – in spending or packing – is a condition better left to Freud to explain. Ms. Behaving suggests that you plan a pre-vacation packing funfest together: show him what you’re taking and use your fashion expertise to help him select suitable items from his wardrobe. The poor dear probably just needs some guidance, and will be grateful that a few more things – to fit in a carry-on, bien sur – will create a dapper rather than poverty-stricken appearance on the road. Let him know that a good supply of undies and socks take up very little space; not washing them will free up valuable time you’ll use instead to enjoy your vacation.


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