Ten Reasons Why You Have to Get Away


By the Editors of FarewellTravels

Layne Kennedy Photography

Photograph by Layne Kennedy

This year’s bonus didn’t come through. The kids have to be at their sports or music lessons. You’ve got a list a mile long of yard chores that have to be tackled. You don’t want to be bothered with the aggravation of flying or driving…

There are all sorts of reasons we talk ourselves out of traveling—whether it’s forgoing a family trip, a romantic getaway or an individual adventure. So much easier to stay at home, isn’t it? The truth is though, you can’t afford NOT to travel. Travel is the ultimate investment. A week away today will reap benefits in months and years to come.

Here are 10 reasons why you should set aside those excuses and start thinking about your next trip.

1. Nothing brings a family or couple closer than travel. When you are on the road, you are away from all the responsibilities and distractions that define our daily lives and often keep us apart. Whether you’re biking the dirt roads of Vermont or sampling ceviche with popcorn in Ecuador, sharing new experiences while traveling truly help us bond.

2. Travel is the ultimate classroom. New cultures. New foods. New people. New landscapes. Need we say more?

3. Travel is good for your mental health. Going new places and meeting new people expands your mind.

4. Travel is good for your physical health. When you’re traveling, you get off your butt. Sightseeing. Hiking. Kayaking. Whatever you choose to do, it's probably more than you’d do back home.

5. Romance flourishes on the road. Sharing a chocolate-y dessert at a candlelit restaurant, taking a bike ride on Nantucket, even getting lost on the strePamela Einarsen Photographyets of Montmartre …can’t help but bring you closer together.

6. Doing the same thing day after day can be deadly. And nothing can shake up the routine better than being somewhere else. Different schedule. Different foods. Different scenery.

7. Slowing down will help you speed up. In general, people relax more away from the sometimes grueling schedules at home and work. When they return, there’s often a renewed energy and commitment. 

Photograph by Pamela Einarsen

8. Travel gives you something to talk about. Whether you’re looking to impress your neighbors at a dinner party or brag to your “friends” on Facebook (not to mention Twitter and Pinterest), travel gives you the raw material.

9. Hello my name is_________. Travel brings out different sides of the people you think you know. Were you aware that your husband knew so much about Brazilian cooking? That your kid actually learned something from his three years of French? Or that you yourself could ever imagine going rock climbing?

10. Travel adds spice to your life once back home. Literally. You might now add Greek herbs to everything you cook. You might have discovered a passion for snorkeling and plan all future trips around that. You might dress differently after seeing the fashionable men and women of Milan.


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