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Smile! You've Just Flown 16 Hours



Carson Kressley

As the world seems to be getting smaller and many North Americans are flying off to India, South Africa and Australia the same way they pop over to Europe, long flights are inevitable. Of course, the magic solution is to fly business or first class, but let’s face it…not everyone can spring for the price of a business or first class seat.

Our Fashionable Traveler Carson Kressley has flown between the States and Melbourne, Australia countless times and has had to emerge to the flashes of the paparazzi. Of course, having had the mantle of being the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy guy and now hosting his own show on the Oprah Network, he’s always had to look not just good, but chic and dazzling, even after enduring long flights.

Well…Carson has it mastered. Here he shares his secrets on how to arrive at your destination looking not just well rested, but cover-of-People-magazine worthy. And here’s Carson…

For starts, wear something chic and comfy to get on the plane. For both men and women, maybe jeans with stretch (this is crucial for comfort and circulation), a slip-on loafer (Don’t skip the socks. Have you seen how icky the airport floor can be?) and a cashmere sweater over a simple white tee. Pop on some nice sunglasses and your look is complete. The goal is to look chic and pulled together while being comfortable at the same time. You are going to wear this look for only the first few hours of the flight. Wear it to board, to have the first of what might be several meals and then change into the look I describe below.

tips for flying, Carson Kressley

In your carry-on, pack a sleep outfit. I like cuddly sweatpants and a long sleeve tee. My sweat pants are cashmere and have lasted forever but you could wear an attractive velour track suit just for sleeping (DO NOT WEAR THIS WHEN MOST OF THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU ARE AWAKE). You can use the cashmere sweater you wore when boarding for an extra layer when they turn the thermostat to "meat locker" setting that all flight crews seem oh-so-anxious to do. Don’t they know it's much cooler in the cabin than in the galley where they have been whipping up hot chocolate chip cookies.

Next, head to the washroom where you can slather your face with moisturizer, apply eye cream and a liberal dose of lip balm in private. For a moisturizer, I use Sisley Crème Phyto-Aromatique. It is rich and thick and really works at keeping your face moisturized in the dry cabins. For eye cream, I use Jan Marini Age Intervention and for the lips, I like Neutrogena's Overnight Renewal Therapy. To keep my carry-on light and in accordance with TSA rules, I take along the little sample packets they hand out at the fancy department store cosmetic counters. When you buy the full-size product (which you will need to put in your checked luggage) ask for sample packets of the same to take with you on the plane. They are usually more than happy to hand them over.

NOW HERE IS THE MAGIC BULLET…go to the health food store and buy some rose water spray. It is inexpensive and works WONDERS. I spray before and after applying moisturizers and every hour or so while I'm awake during the flight. Combine that with drinking lots of water and you'll be plenty hydrated. When you are ready for shut eye, pop on your eye mask and a skull cap (for men) to keep the hair in place (ladies, tie up your hair) and doze off knowing that you will look your best when you land.

Just before landing, reach into your bag and pull out a fresh white tee and perhaps another knit sweater (knit pieces don't wrinkle very much), head to the washroom, use eyedrops, brush your hair and teeth, apply more moisturizer and voilà… a glamorous exit. Great sunglassses will cover any red-eye issues and will have you paparazzi ready.

Take it from Carson, you'll look great!


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