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Ms. Behaving at Royal Ascot

Ms. Behaving has reported from 125 countries to date, and she's learned a few things about how to wine, dine and stay in high style...without having to mortgage the family chateau in order to do it.

Here's this month's tips:

The Plane-less Truth

Going between cities in the UK or Europe? Forget the hassles of getting to the airport hours ahead of time, the traffic, etc. Take the train instead: you’ll save time and money … enough for a First Class ticket, on average.

Scandinavian Shopping Spree

If you can’t get to Scandinavia, go to to bring the best to you. One-stop shopping for all top design brands from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland – jewelry, clothing, iconic home design items and more. Save 50% in their sale department for design on a dime.

City Savings

Just about every major destination worldwide – from Cape Town to New York to London - has a “city pass” card. For a nominal fee, these cards give you everything from free public transport, museum/attractions admissions, plus deep discounts for shopping and dining during your stay. (These perks could cost up to five times more if you don’t.) Check out the city’s official website before you go and save.

Wine Wisdom

The most expensive bottle isn’t necessarily the best. When dining out, don’t be shy about telling the restaurant’s sommelier what you want to pay; he/she will appreciate your confidence in their expertise and steer you in the right direction. As a bonus, you’ll discover affordable new favorites.



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