The Answers: How Chic a Traveler are You?


By Carson Kressley


The correct answers are in red. Add up how many you got right and then see my evaluation at the bottom of this page.

1) You’re heading to the Caribbean. Which of the following should you NOT take:

a) Hawaiian shirt
b) Jean shorts
c) Sandals with socks
d) All of the above


2) When flying, you wear:

a) Comfortable Jeans with a T-shirt
b) A warm-up suit
c) Sleek pants with a simple top and blazer
d) A business suit


3) You’re traveling to Argentina for a 10-day vacation. How many pairs of shoes do you take?

a) 2
b) 4 (See my shoe-packing plan here)
c) 6
d) 10+

4) You know you need comfortable shoes for the many hours of sightseeing you plan to do in Barcelona. Which of the following should be left at home?

a) Low-heeled boot
b) Ballet flats
c) Crocs
d) Loafers

5) You’re packing for your annual ski trip to Big Sky. What piece is absolutely necessary for après-ski?

a) A notice-me neon jacket
b) A boasty fur hat
c) Something black
d) A skimpy top

6) What’s an absolute essential in your carry-on bag?

a) Sunglasses
b) Gloves
c) A baseball cap
d) Socks (So you don't have to go barefoot at security and you can stay comfortable on the plane)


7) When it comes to choosing what to use as a carry-on, you:

a) Take the most attractive quality bag you can afford
b) The biggest backpack you can legally take on plane
c) A variety of small bags you can stuff under seat in front of you and in the overhead
d) A sensible black rolling suitcase


   Illustration by Chris Murphy

8) Ladies, you’re heading into the city for the weekend. What is a must?

a) A gorgeous colorful scarf that’s ideally reversible
b) A buttery black leather jacket
c) High, chic black or brown boots
d) A colorful dress


9) You’re packing for a dude ranch in Wyoming. What should you make sure you have?

a) Great denim
b) Sturdy boots
c) A good belt
d) All of the Above


10) For the varying temperatures in a plane’s cabin, ladies, what should you bring on board a plane?

a) A light down jacket
b) A wool sweater
c) A silk pashmina wrap
d) Long underwear

So how’d you do?

0 Correct: You need some serious help, darling.

1 - 5 Correct: You probably should be reading more of my columns in FarewellTravels.

6 - 8 Correct: You may have what it takes. Follow me on Twitter and you might pick up a few tips. @CarsonKressley

10 out of 10 Correct: You’ve got it! I’ll keep my eyes open for you in the airport.

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