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Ms. Behaving at Royal Ascot

MS BEHAVING loves to celebrate a New Year! But how to handle over-celebration? Let’s talk:

A READER WRITES: My sister’s New Year’s party is looming, and I dread it. I hate her friends, everyone drinks waaaay too much, and then her husband tries to hit on me. But she’s family and it’s the one time a year I make the trip there. What to do?

MS. BEHAVING REPLIES: Don’t go. Ms. Behaving knows that family is important, but making the New Year bash an uber-obligation isn’t the best situation to see your sis. And who wants to travel on the holidays if you can avoid it? Make New Years a time for you and yours, and tell your sister you can't make it but want to clear some time for the two of you - perhaps a spa weekend together after the holiday scrum?

A READER WRITES: My husband wants to see the ball drop in Times Square this year. I am less than enthusiastic, but it could be a once-in-a-lifetime thing. Wisdom, please.

MS. BEHAVING REPLIES: Don't go. Do you know how real New Yorkers celebrate what we call "Amateur Night?" We have dinner in a neighborhood restaurant, and either welcome the New Year there or dine early and watch it on TV at home. If your husband persists, let him know that 1) you'll be penned into an area without restrooms or beverages starting seven hours before (break out the Depends!); 2) you'll be standing all that time and 3) chances are you'll be watching the festivities on large-screen … tvs, anyway. Trust Ms. Behaving: this isn't a Bucket List item!


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