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Ms. Behaving at Royal Ascot

MS. BEHAVING is filled with holiday cheer! But she knows the season’s festivities pose certain … challenges, particularly when travel is involved.

A READER WRITES: We are going to spend Christmas with a friend who retired last year to the Caribbean. What to bring her as a gift?

MS. BEHAVING REPLIES: Ms. Behaving knows that those who live on idyllic islands may have sunshine, but things we non-island dwellers take for granted--like groceries--can be prohibitively expensive. Does your friend miss steaks that don’t require a second mortgage to purchase? Does she yearn for real bagels, pecan pie, pate, fresh pasta?

Gather together a generous care package of her favorite goodies, wrap them well in cold packs, if needed, and put them in your checked luggage. When you arrive, it will be Instant Christmas! She will be thrilled-- guaranteed.


A READER WRITES: As a family present to one another, we’ll spend a week in Copenhagen for Christmas--our first time out of the U.S. for the holidays. What should we expect?

MS. BEHAVING REPLIES: You are going to Ms. Behaving’s favorite holiday destination! Copenhagen is one of the most Christmas-y places on earth, and the Danes--among the happiest folk on the planet--are even more jolly (if such a thing is possible) this time of year. Candles everywhere, colorful outdoor markets and Tivoli--particularly magical with lights, seasonal restaurants and concerts galore--set the stage for all of you to embrace another culture’s traditions with gusto. Ms. B predicts that red paper hearts will decorate your family’s tree next year!


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