How Well Do You Know Africa?



Susan Farewell

Tell someone you’re going to Africa and chances are he or she will assume you’re going on safari. Certainly a great reason to go. But from riding camels in the Sahara to sampling wines in South Africa, we could easily rattle off dozens of other reasons one would be Africa-bound.

So why might you go? Well…start by taking this quiz.

"How Well do You Know the World?” is a regular feature on FarewellTravels. It is simply a quiz, designed to test your knowledge of countries, airports, attractions, and general travel trivia.

There are no prizes, no honors, just the chance to find out how knowledgeable you are about the world--and in this case, Africa.

Go ahead. Test yourself.

For answers, you will find a link below.

gorilla treks, photo by Richard Wiese

1. Name the three countries where you find mountain gorillas.

a. Rwanda, The Democratic Republic of The Congo, Uganda
b. Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya
c. Rwanda, Tanzania, The Democratic Republic of The Congo
d. Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania

2. How many countries are there in Africa?

a. More than 100
b. 54
c. 16
d. 19

3. In Kenya, how would you greet a Masai warrior?

a. Hi-ee-ya
b. Hello
c. Hey
d. Jambo

4. What is the name of the coast of Namibia?

a. Ivory Coast
b. Skeleton Coast
c. Capelands
d. Namibiana

Photo by Richard Wiese

5. How many languages are spoken in Africa?

a. 19
b. 54
c. 260
d. 2000


6. What is the name of the largest volcano in Africa?

a. Mt. Mabira
b. Mt. Kenya
c. Mt. Kilimanjaro
d. Table Mountain

7. What is the name of the island Nelson Mandela was imprisoned on?

a. Habour Island
b. Mauritius
c. Hope Island
d. Robben Island

8. As the crow flies, which is the shortest distance between the North American Continent and the African continent?

a. Between Newfoundland and Morocco
b. Between Newfoundland and Sierra Leonepenguins
c. Between Newfoundland and the Ivory Coast
d. Between Newfoundland and the Canary Islands

9. What is the largest country in Africa?

a. Sudan
b. South Africa
c. Democratic Republic of The Congo
d. Algeria

10. Where can you find penguins in the wild in Africa?

a. South Africa
b. The Seychelle Islands
c. Mozambique
d. Madagascar




Photo Credits: gorilla and young woman by Richard Wiese; penguins by Susan Farewell


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