How Well Do You Know the Indian Subcontinent?



Susan Farewell

Ask anyone who knows this part of the world which countries make up the Indian Subcontinent and you’ll likely get a different answer from everyone you speak to. Understandable.

Historically, some of these countries were lumped together when they constituted British India (India, Pakistan and Bangladesh), but the neighbors (Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and Maldives) are often considered part of the region. For this travel quiz, we’re focusing on India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Maldives. Increasingly, these countries are attracting North Americans who are not discussing whether or not to go, but when to go.

"How Well do You Know the World?” is a regular feature on FarewellTravels. It is simply a quiz, designed to test your knowledge of countries, airports, attractions, and general travel trivia.

There are no prizes, no honors, just the chance to find out how knowledgeable you are about the world of travel.

Go ahead. Test yourself.

For answers, you will find a link below.

1. What do they call the residents of Bhutan?

a. Bhutanerscustom tours to bhutan
b. Bhutanese
c. Bhutanois
d. Bhutaneers

2. After Hinduism, which accounts for 80 percent of the population of India, what is the next biggest religion in India?

a. Islam
b. Christianity
c. Buddhism
d. Sikhism

3. The Himalaya Mountains are in which countries?

a. Nepal, India and Bhutan
b. Nepal, India and Pakistan
c. Nepal, India and Tibet
d. Nepal, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan
e. All of the above

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4. Which countries are home to the Greater One-horned Rhinoceros?

a. India and Sri Lanka
b. India and Nepal
c. India and Tibet
d. India and Bhutan

5. What are Momos?

a. A smoothie-like drink made with mangoes
b. A spicy chickpea appetizer
c. A dumpling
d. A burger made with yak meat


6. Which is the only airline that flies into Bhutan?

a. Jet Airways
b. Air India
c. Druk Air
d. Yeta Airlines


7. What are the major languages spoken in Sri Lanka? Choose two.

a. Sinhala
b. French
c. Tamil
d. Hindi

8. How many states are there in India?

a. 6custom tours to the Indian Subcontinent
b. 14
c. 28
d. 114


9. The Hindu Festival of Holi celebrates:

a. Colors
b. The sun
c. Fertility
d. Harvest


10. Which one of the following is accurate about the island nation of Maldives?

a. It is the least populated place on earth
b. It is the lowest country on the planet
c. It is the highest country on the planet
d. It has six national languages


All Photographs by Susan Geringer of Geringer Global Travel. From top to bottom: family hiking in Bhutan, one-horned rhino, Nepalese boys playing Ping-Pong.


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