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New York City Energy

By Justine Seligson

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One of the things I love most about where I live is that I am one hour away (by train or car) from one of the most exciting places on the planet: New York City.

On a recent spring day, I took these photographs along with dozens more over the course of just a few hours. New York City is an ideal classroom for a photographer. Everywhere you look, there are photo opps.

I selected just these five images from my day, a mere sampling of what I saw. For me, they capture just a bit of the city's extraordinary energy.














Two Pigeons

One sitting on the lamp post glaring at the passersby; the other afflicted with boredom and flying off.

Psychic Readings

I really don't know what my future holds. Why not ask the psychic reader on Fifth Avenue?


Giants Touching the Sky

Looking up in New York always reveals a surprise.




Park Stroll

People are so occupied with their lives, they don't know when to stop.








Avenue of Taxis

How do I ever get across the street?







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