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Do you travel with your dog? If so, you're not alone. Many of our readers take their dogs on vacation, whether it's an easy drive from home or a flight across the Atlantic.

Each week, we introduce you to some of these furry friends and invite you to tell us about your dog. We've made it really simple. You can upload a photo and provide details (like those below)

here. We'll be in touch with you if we need any additional details and to let you know when your dog will be included. We welcome all dogs who travel including big dogs, little dogs; pure breds and mixed breeds; puppies and dogs of a certain age; dogs that have passports and some who just travel within their own state.

Don't travel with a dog but love taking pictures of those you spot along the way? We also welcome photographs of dogs you see or meet while vacationing. Take a look at these cuties (in the sidebar) one of our contributors saw at Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia. Some dogs really have it made!

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Pictured here in Marbella, Spain

Owners: Lisa Richards and Rachel Seed

Breed: Great Dane (blue)
Hometown: London, England
Has traveled to: France (Biarritz is a fave. He loves to have a rotisserie chicken on the beach there), Spain and all over the United Kingdom (favorite dog-friendly hotel: Hotel Endsleigh in Devon, England).
Favorite destination: Barcelona is his favorite city.

A Travel "Tail": "Henry jumps into the trunk of the car when he sees we are getting ready to go anywhere--even grocery shopping. He's an expert traveler...completely chilled out and loves having his photograph taken wherever he goes."


Nellie Grace McAuley

Pictured here playing snowball fetch in Mammoth Lakes, CAdog-friendly travel

Owners: Karen, Skeet and Grace McAuley

Breed: Golden Retriever

Hometown: La Canada, California

Has traveled to: Charlton Flats, CA; Mammoth Lakes, CA; Yosemite, CA; Huntington Beach Dog Beach, CA; Colorado River, CA

Favorite destination: Mammoth Lakes, CA in winter and Yosemite, CA in summer

A Travel "Tail": "Nellie acts like a puppy even though she's over two years old. It is all we can do to keep her out of the water and snow when we travel. She will dog paddle for hours on end, knows how to surf and got up her courage to sprint down a boat dock and jump in the Colorado River. She gives us the 'poor puppy' look when we're packing, until she learns she's going with us. Then it's all smiles and tail thumping."


dog-friendly travel


Owner: Jeanne Farewell

Breed: Bichon Frise

Hometown: Southeast, New York

Has traveled: Extensively in the New York tri-state area (New York, Connecticut, New Jersey).

Favorite destination: Chez Lenard's Sidewalk Cafe in Ridgefield, CT (best hotdogs ever).

A Travel "Tail":  Worthington likes relaxing vacations including being carried when on hiking trails. His owners keep a cooler in the car for doggie bags.



Tullamore Dew (Tully)

Owner: Kathleen Robb

Breed: Wheaten Terrier

Hometown: Milton, MA

Has traveled: To the beaches of Cape Cod, MA and Kennebunkport, ME. Also to see his cousin in Syracuse, NY.

Favorite destination: Any place that has a beach with kids he can play with.

A Travel "Tail": Tully was born on Martha's Vineyard, MA and from his first ferry ride over to the mainland, he was hooked on travel.


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