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Dishes to Drive (or Fly) For

By Justine Seligson

Justine Seligson, family travel

Say the word “Cambridge” as in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and the first thing that will pop in my head is the word “Wagamama.” Just as the Eiffel Tower comes to mind for many people whenever someone mentions Paris, I think of this one restaurant in Harvard Square.

In October, our family took our annual trip to Cambridge to watch the Head of the Charles rowing regatta. I was excited to see all the races, but what I was even more itching to do was go to Wagamama.

From the outside, Wagamama looks like a cafeteria—not exactly enticing to a teenager away from school. But I discovered it a couple of years ago when, starving, I was eager to eat anything and get out of the pouring rain.

We were seated at a long table with a bunch of people (mostly college students) we didn’t know and greeted by a cheerful waiter with a nose ring and Mohawk. He looked like he’d rather be shredding powder on a snowboard but actually was super efficient at taking our order.

The menu is Asian and it didn’t take long for me to spot #71 – Chicken Katsu Curry. Little did I know that that dish was to become a magnet, pulling me back to Cambridge every year.

The same goes for other places I’ve visited. Almost everywhere I’ve been, I have some dish, drink or snack I long to go back for. In Maui, it was the smoothies, made with the freshest fruit imaginable. In Ecuador, I got hooked on plantain chips. (These need to be in stores everywhere). And closer to home, there’s nothing like the pizza in New York City. I love Broadway shows, shopping at Bloomingdale's, the great energy and crowds of people everywhere in the Big Apple. But there’s something about the pizza…Food does that to people. At least it does that to me.

Just-Teens Travel is written by Justine Seligson, who at the time of this writing, was a middle school student.

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