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Brangelina Slept Here

By Justine Seligson

Justine SeligsonI’m always curious about where celebrities choose to travel. I figure they can go to any country in the world (they sure can afford it) so it says a lot about a location when A-listers like Oprah or Brangelina decide if a particular city, country, or even continent is THE PLACE TO BE. I’ve done a little checking, and I now know the vacation spots where you’ll find some of today’s biggest stars.

HAWAII: The only U.S. island state has long been popular with our bold-faced names. Julia Roberts is a frequent visitor. Even Lady Gaga has been known to exchange her hats and amazing costumes for a bathing suit so she can take advantage of the Hawaiian sun.

MEXICO: The Hispanic country south of us is known for its beautiful beaches (Cancun and Cabo) and its spicy food. What’s also appealing about it is its closeness. In fact, it’s so convenient that the likes of Britney Spears, Jennifer Aniston, and Blake Lively have no problem jetting in for some R&R.

SOUTH AMERICA: It has amazing history (Machu Picchu, etc) and one of a kind scenery (the Amazon). But it’s the snorkeling here that attracts Penelope Cruz and husband Javier Bardem. Even Madonna, who never stays in one place for long, has been known to settle down here (at least temporarily).

AFRICA: It seems you can’t go anywhere in Africa without running into a celebrity. They are either adopting kids like Brangelina, enjoying the scenery like Ashton and Demi, or supporting local schools like Oprah. Carrying on the work of their beloved mother, are perhaps the most famous African visitors: the stunning Princes William and Harry.

EUROPE: Europe has always been a popular destination for the rich and famous. Some have roots there. Johnny Depp’s longtime girl friend Vanessa Paradis is French, so the family, including their two kids, often visits her homeland. Ben Stiller likes France so much he’s arranged to have a private jet fly him back and forth. Of course George Clooney probably has the solution for any star wanting to visit Europe or some other international hot spot. Clooney loves Italy so much he bought himself a villa right on Lake Como. Whereas his fellow stars are going travelling, Clooney is just going home.

Just-Teens Travel is written by Justine Seligson, who at the time of this writing, was a middle school student.

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