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What's In My Bag

By Justine Seligson


Justine Seligson


Every time we’re getting close to leaving for a trip, I hear the inevitable, “Justine, get your stuff ready to pack” from one of my parents.

Aside from outfits and accessories, this takes all of about five seconds. I have a very short list of “stuff” that HAS to go with me on all trips. Here it is:

Item # 1. Laptop: Okay, so I just said that this is a list of stuff that HAS to go with me. Unfortunately though, when it comes to long trips that involve lots of airports, planes, and hotel changes, this is the one can’t-live-without-item that I have to leave behind. Normally though, it tops the list traveling everywhere I go.

Item # 2. Sleep Mask: I’m one of those people who has trouble falling asleep, especially on planes when you’re constantly dealing with all sorts of odd dings and flickering lights, people moving about, and often…screaming tots. I absolutely can’t slumber without blinders unless I’m like completely exhausted which I think has happened no more than enough times to count on my hands. I love how on long flights they give them out. You can never have too many.

Item # 3. Photo of Lily, my dog:
Another prized possession in my life is my adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Lily, who I can’t stand leaving behind. Having just a little snapshot of her turns any travel depression the opposite direction.

Item # 4. A Book: Having a real book or audio book for a big trip is a total must-have. They really do pass time and sometimes, but not always, get my mind off my pet peeve, turbulence.

Item # 5. Snacks: I’m not crazy about airplane UFO (unidentified foil objects), so I usually pack a supply of strawberry bars for those random bouts of hunger you get when changing time zones.

So, what about you? What does your travel “stuff” consist of? Write to me at JustTeensTravel@FarewellTravels.com. I’ll be doing a follow-up column!

Just-Teens Travel is written by Justine Seligson, a middle school student (at the time of this writing).


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