Photo Shoot: Namibia




Harry Morse, a resident of Sacramento, California, recently traveled to Namibia to photograph the rare Golden Oryx on assignment for Sports Afield magazine. He was in the southwestern part of the country for ten days photographing wildlife and dunes.

Here is just a glimpse of what he saw.

Harry Morse, Namibia

Harry Morse, Namibia

And what he wrote:

"The Golden Oryx is one of the most beautiful animals in the African desert. Fleet of foot, wrapped in a golden coat, horns it can fight lions with, exceptional eyesight and nearly the size of a small pony, it is an exquisite desert animal and one of the rarest antelope. They are thought to be a subspecies of the South African Oryx or Gemsbok in Southern Africa fabled to NEVER drink water. Nearly 200 currently live in a small isolated strip of Namibia desert protected on a 100,000 acre wilderness ranch. Less than 10 years ago, fewer than 100 were thought to survive in remote canyons in Namibia. Today, scientists at several South African universities are currently studying the genetics of this amazing oryx."

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