How Chic a Traveler are You?


By Carson Kressley

                                                                               Photograph by Debra Somerville

Wherever I go--whether it’s Portobello Road in London or Freeport, Maine (or in the airport traveling somewhere)--my eye is attracted to someone who knows how to put him or herself together.

And I’m not talking about generic, by-the-book, wear-the-appropriate outfit taste. I’m talking about distinctive personal style.

I can give you all sorts of tips on what to wear where but ultimately it boils down to you pulling off the look(s).

Think you have what it takes? Here’s a fun quiz I’ve put together. Spend a few minutes answering the questions, then go to the answers page to see how you scored.


1) You’re heading to the Caribbean. Which of the following should you NOT take:

a) Hawaiian shirt
b) Jean shorts
c) Sandals with socks
d) All of the above


2) When flying, you wear:

a) Comfortable Jeans with a T-shirt
b) A warm-up suit
c) Sleek pants with a simple top and blazer
d) A business suit


3) You’re traveling to Argentina for a 10-day vacation. How many pairs of shoes do you take?

a) 2
b) 4
c) 6
d) 10+


4) You know you need comfortable shoes for the many hours of sightseeing you plan to do in Barcelona. Which of the following should be left at home?

a) Low-heeled boot
b) Ballet flats
c) Crocs
d) Loafers

5) You’re packing for your annual ski trip to Big Sky. What piece is absolutely necessary for après-ski?

a) A notice-me neon jacket
b) A boasty fur hat
c) Something black
d) A skimpy top


6) What’s an absolute essential in your carry-on bag?                       Photo Courtesy of Finnair                                                                                                                                          

a) Sunglasses
b) Gloves
c) A baseball cap
d) Socks


7) When it comes to choosing what to use as a carry-on, you:

a) Take the most attractive quality bag you can afford
b) The biggest backpack you can legally take on plane
c) A variety of small bags you can stuff under seat in front of you and in the overhead
d) A sensible black rolling suitcase


8) Ladies, you’re heading into the city for the weekend. What is a must?

a) A gorgeous colorful scarf that’s ideally reversible
b) A buttery black leather jacket
c) High, chic black or brown boots
d) A colorful dress


9) You’re packing for a dude ranch in Wyoming. What should you make sure you have?

a) Great denim
b) Sturdy boots
c) A good belt
d) All of the Above


10) For the varying temperatures in a plane’s cabin, ladies, what should you bring on board a plane?

a) A light down jacket
b) A wool sweater
c) A silk pashmina wrap
d) Long underwear



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